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LamisilAT – your trusted partner in athlete’s foot treatment

LamisilAT preparations contain terbinafine, one of the most effective antifungal (fungus-fighting) active ingredients without a prescription. For athlete’s foot between the toes, a one-week treatment with LamisilAT preparations is sufficient.

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How to use LamisilAT Cream correctly


Apply LamisilAT Cream to affected areas between the toes

Before using the cream, you should wash your feet and dry them thoroughly.


Apply enough cream to form a thin layer on the affected skin and surrounding area

Rub in gently to the skin and let dry. Do this in the morning and night before bed, so 2x daily.


Repeat for 7 days.

A few days after using LamisilAT Cream, symptoms such as itching, burning or pain should be relieved. Full skin healing after the infection has cleared will continue for up to 4 weeks.

Why athlete’s foot treatment should not be stopped prematurely

Why athlete’s foot treatment should not be stopped prematurely

Just because the symptoms subside does not mean that athlete’s foot has been defeated. If treatment is stopped prematurely, athlete’s foot can come back. Therefore, continue treatment according to the package, even if symptoms are no longer noticeable. LamisilAT continues to work beyond the end of the treatment period. LamisilAT works effectively against athlete’s foot and reduce the risk of recurring infections with a comparatively short period of use.

How you can prevent athlete’s foot


Make sure your feet are clean, dry, especially between the toes.


Never go barefoot in locker rooms or shared showers. Always wear shower shoes!


Wash your feet thoroughly with water and pH-neutral soap and dry them carefully. This is particularly important after playing sports or wearing airtight safety shoes, for example at work.


Don’t forget to change your socks every day and wash them in hot water. Always wear clean socks made of cotton or other natural materials.

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