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Jock itch – treat & prevent

Treat jock itch in only 7 DAYS

How LamisilAT cream works against jock itch


Apply LamisilAT cream against jock itch according to the packaging

Apply a thin layer of cream to the infected skin and surrounding areas and rub. Use morning or evening.


When used correctly, itching, burning and cracked skin should disappear

LamisilAT cream has a fungicidal effect, which means it kills the fungal pathogen, in contrast to fungistatic medications, which simply inhibit fungal reproduction.


Continue jock itch treatment (1 week) according to the instructions for use, even if the symptoms have already disappeared

LamisilAT cream works beyond the treatment period. The active ingredient terbinafine remains in the skin even longer and continues to fight the infection there.


Why it is important to treat jock itch for the entire 7 days

Just because the symptoms slowly subside or disappear does not mean that the infection has been defeated. If treatment is stopped prematurely, there is a risk that jock itch will recur. Continue jock itch treatment until the end of 7 days even if symptoms disappear before then. LamisilAT preparations also work beyond the treatment period.

Tips for preventing jock itch


Dry your groin area carefully after showering or sweating.


Do not share towels or personal clothing such as shorts or underwear with others.


Change your underwear at least once a day (or more often if you sweat or exercise).


Do not wear tight clothing. Breathable materials and loose-fitting underwear keep you dry and prevent chafing.

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