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Ringworm – Treat & prevent

LamisilAT preparations contain terbinafine. In addition to treating athlete’s foot, LamisilAT products are also suitable for treating ringworm.

How LamisilAT cream works against ringworm


Use Lamisil cream according to the packaging

Wash the affected skin areas with water and pH-neutral soap and dry thoroughly before applying the medication. Apply a thin layer of cream to the affected and surrounding skin areas and rub in. Use morning or evening.


If used correctly, itching, burning and the ring-shaped rash should disappear

LamisilAT Cream has a fungicidal effect, which means it kills the fungus, in contrast to fungistatic medications, which merely inhibit fungal growth.


Continue treatment (1 week) according to the instructions for use, even if the symptoms have already disappeared.

LamisilAT Cream works beyond the treatment period. The active ingredient terbinafine remains in the skin for longer and continues to fight the infection there.


Why it is important to treat ringworm for the entire 7 days

Just because the symptoms slowly subside or disappear does not mean that the fungal infection has been defeated. If treatment is stopped prematurely, there is a risk that ringworm will recur. Continue treatment until the end of 7 days even if symptoms disappear before then. LamisilAT preparations also work beyond the treatment period.

Tips for preventing ringworm


Wash yourself regularly! Shower immediately after contact sports and wash your hands regularly to prevent infection.


Do not share towels, personal clothing or sports equipment with others.


Wear clean, dry clothing. Breathable materials and loose-fitting clothing keep you dry and prevent chafing.


Do not touch sick animals or pets. In animals, ringworm manifests itself as a light or hairless spot on the fur. If you handle a pet with a ringworm infection, wash your hands thoroughly immediately.

Source: Mayoclinic

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